RS Aero International Regattas 2019

Do you find that RS Aero is a really cool boat to compete with? Are you interested to meet and compete other Aero-minded people in Europe? Let's go together to optimise travel costs!

RS Aero Regattas in Europe and World 2020

December 28th - January 4th

RS Aero World Championship 2019

Black Rock YC

Melbourne, AUS


August 1st - 7th

RS Aero World Championship 2020

Columbia Gorge RA

Cascade Locks, Oregon, USA


August 27th - 31st

RS Aero UK National Championship

Eastbourne Sovereign SC

East Sussex, GB



We can join forces in both training and logistics to prepare for European regattas. Contact Pirita Svertpaadiklubi and discuss details:
Over the years, we have been very competitive in foreign competitions. You can find the results here.

RS Sailors