What is the principle of RS Sailors Sailing Club?

Our priority is to offer an accessible opportunity for sailing to everyone, regardless of previous experience. It is possible to rent a boat from us or buy it if you wish. We want to make sailing easy and accessible for everyone. In the absence of sailing experience, we teach those who wish to sail independently and confidently. Also, we have a regular competition program for every level and a nice sailing club social program.

RS Sailors Sailing Center offers several types of boats:

  • RS Aero class for experienced sailors
  • RS Quest for training, competition, and leisure
  • RS Quba for training, competitions, and leisure
  • RS Zest for training, competition, and leisure
  • RS Tera and RS Feva universal sailboats for children and young people

What is a dinghy?

The word dinghy refers to certain types of sailboats. Dinghy sailing involves a small open boat with a sail that is used to harness the power of the wind, to move you through the water. Some dinghies are designed for speed and exhilaration, while others are better for learning and more relaxed sailing. Most dinghies are generally rigged ashore and launched each time you go sailing.

I didn't understand anything. Is sailing that difficult?

Sailing and related concepts often seem complicated and incomprehensible when written down, but we confirm that the practice is much more exciting and easier to understand. All you have to do is have the courage and come to the sailing center. Experienced instructors can explain even the most complex sailing concepts during practical training.

What if I can't sail with a dinghy?

No problem! Instructors will teach you the basics of sailing based on effective level training and help you gain confidence through practical sailing. A similar sailing program is being used in many regions of the world.

Who are we welcomed to sail?

Different boat classes provide an opportunity to sail for both experienced and beginners. For example, if you have been sailing as a kid, but there is no good output anymore, then RS Sailors is exactly for you. Or you have been sailing on large yachts so far, but you would also like to turn the steering wheel yourself. Or you're just interested in the sea and sailing but don't know where to start.

Can my child or parent also sail?

Yes, of course. RS Tera and RS Feva boat classes are designed for children and young people. RS Zest and RS Quest are well suited for the whole family to go to sea and RS Aero can be sailed by more experienced sailors using sails of different sizes, which makes this boat suitable for both adolescents and sailors of a more solid age.

Who are the customers of RS Sailors sailing center?

All the people who want to sail either for a short or long time with our help.
Children and young people who want to learn to sail and hone their skills later on. Enjoy the sea and do great things together in the summertime, go on an adventure, travel or mature while sailing, and make new friends.
Our clients are also families, groups of friends, or groups who want to be part of the world's best hobby, i.e. sailing.
In addition to the above, our clients also include yacht clubs, sailing schools, municipalities, and event organizers who want to rent boats for the short or long term without or with an instructor, as well as buy boats.

What to wear when coming to sail, what to take with you?

When coming to sail, it is good to wear comfortable sportswear in which you feel comfortable. In cooler weather, it's a good idea to put on a windproof jacket. On the shore, there is generally warmer weather than on the sea, so it is better to dress a little warmer at first. Lightweight sports shoes with soft soles are well suited as footwear. It is also recommended to bring a hat, gloves and warm socks.
As you will inevitably have to come into contact with water while sailing and the water tends to be wet, it is worth bringing a dry change of clothes and shoes just in case.

Is this a new club and do I need to replace my current club?

The RS Sailors Sailing Club is not a separate yacht club, so everyone can sail, regardless of club membership. However, MTÜ Pirita Svertpaadiklubi also runs at the center, which can be joined by sailors from other clubs as well as brand new people who are just starting sailing.

How much do boats cost?

You can find information about boat prices in the price list. It is also possible to pay in LHV bank installments.
Owning a boat is not necessarily mandatory. Some boats can also be rented. 

If you still have some questions then write to us at info@rssailors.ee or call +372 5064852.
RS Sailors