RS Sailors Sailing Center and Pirita Dinghy Club were established in 2016 in the historical place called Pirita Olympic Sailing Center which is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

We aim to offer dinghy sailing opportunities for both experienced sailors and beginners. One of our main goals is to introduce people sailing, train them, and let them be part of the fantastic sailing community. 

Additionally, we are an official RS Sailing boat reseller in Estonia. We sell both used and new dinghies. The reason why we love to welcome new RS Sailing dinghy owners to our club is the community feeling and frequent training that takes place mostly in Tallinn Bay. Another reason why being an RS Sailing dinghy owner is a good idea is that with RS Aero dinghy owners we organize trips to different sailing competitions that take place in Italy, France, England, and other countries. It´s a lot of fun to mix sailing, good companionship, and beautiful locations altogether.

You´re most welcome to join our sailing club!
RS Sailors